Audrey Mika Comes "Alive" in New Inspiring Ballad

Perry Avgerinos

Audrey Mika has been one of our favorite artists over the past year, consistently delivering R&B/Pop earworms one after another. Even with such high level consistency, Mika doesn't let this deter her exploration, venturing into new sounds and depths within herself. Today, Audrey reveals a softer side, with the release of her breathtaking and truly inspiring ballad, "Alive," that has us in awe.

From the first gentle piano chord played, Mika begins her heartening story of wanting to return to her first love – dancing. Music had become a newer, stronger passion for Mika, but with time, and distance – her heart grew fonder, and it was time to bridge her two true loves. "Alive," touches on the fear and self-doubt of returning to dance, while showing off her impeccable vocal melody choices, and moving songwriting – delivering a final product that may have you holding back tears. In the chorus, Mika sings:

"The higher I fly, the harder I fall, but maybe the highs are worth the lows,

As long as I try, don’t care if I fall, and maybe I’m lucky to be here at all,

And I know, I know, I know it consumes me,

But I won’t, I won’t, I won’t let it hurt me,

I know I’ve got so much to be living for."

With the release of "Alive," I have a whole new appreciation for Audrey's artistry. I was already sold on her personality-injected Pop/R&B sound, yet after hearing her voice in a dance collaboration, and now in an emotional ballad, she simply does not miss – no matter what style she chooses. Feel empowered by watching the pure magic of Audrey regaining her confidence in dance with her music video below.

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