Blxst & Bino Rideaux Reignite 'Sixtape' Vibes on New Single “Movie”

Carter Fife

In 2019 Blxst and Bino Rideaux released Sixtape, a carefully crafted six-track EP synthesizing Blxst and Bino’s signature hip-hop/R&B stylings. This week the two Los Angeles rappers reunite for the first time since last year’s remix of Blxst’s “Wrong or Right” to deliver fans their newest collaboration “Movie.” This is Blxst’s fourth single of the year and Bino’s second, but somehow the two young creatives manage to link up once again and offer listeners something new right in time for the summer.

Full of infectious basslines and melodic guitar samples, “Movie” may be the perfect song for your summer rotation. Bino Rideaux’s vocals on the chorus pair incredibly well with Blxst’s vocal performance, and together the two of them have a chemistry that is simply undeniable. “Movie” is the smooth R&B banger that 2021 has been severely lacking in, and luckily its drum patterns and piano melodies work to ensure that it will certainly be an anthem this summer. Blxst’s singing is effortless (as always), and the very idea of him working with Bino again makes me hope that fans can expect a Sixtape 2 sometime in the future.

Whether or not Bino or Blxst have any more music planned for this year (fingers crossed they do), “Movie” is an upbeat and energetic bop that is certain to receive some serious plays this summer. Until the two rappers release new music to replace this single, you can catch me poolside listening to this on repeat.

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