northxix Is on the Cutting Edge of Alt-Pop with New Single “bastard”

Timothy Weber

Ever since his standout debut single “where will you go?," northxix has been on our radar. The artist from Naples, Florida is now returning for his fourth single, “bastard," and proves once again to be one of the most promising artists in the upcoming alternative scene. Combining alt-pop with a punk energy and angsty lyrics, the 20 year old finds his sound in a space unique to him.

“bastard” is introduced with some spacey guitar strums, but quickly transitions into the chorus driven by distorted guitar chords and a phat pulsing bass. Pairing this with a unique vocal tone that has become signature to northxix and an overall energetic feeling, “bastard” finds itself right on the edge of where music seems to be heading. Check out “bastard” and the rest of northxix’s catalogue, it’s well worth the listens.

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