AG Club Emphatically Traverse into a Comforting New Realm on “TRU RELIGION”

Freddie Fine

There is something special about every AG Club song – no matter how many times I listen, I always feel like I’ve just fallen in love with something incredible. That being said, it should come as no surprise that when I first saw their new single pop up in my inbox unannounced, I screamed. It should be even less surprising than when I immediately went to listen, I screamed even louder. “TRU RELIGION” brings out everything I love in AG Club and some – their youthful energy, ever present love for what they do, and of course, my new favorite song of the year.

The song serves as an inspiration to “be yourself” – a theme apparent throughout AG Club’s music. Baby Boy begins with an incredibly smooth verse, his silky voice gushing over a mellower instrumental. It’s not long before this turns into an explosive hook, as co-production from Junior Varsity, Jackson Shanks, and Isaac Rose of AG blends everything I’ve ever wanted into one track. Jody Fontane and his indistinguishable voice take the second verse, exploring the struggles in a long distance relationship, emphasizing the importance of patience in one’s success. Jackson Shanks delivers an incredible guitar solo to take the song out, cementing it as untouchable.

Is it even an AG Club song without an amazing music video to go with it? AG members Ivan Collaco (CAJH) and Manny (777Media) co-directed this stunner, a light show unlike any other. Beams shine through the forest as Jody and Baby Boy rock out alongside Junior Varsity as if it were a live show. 

AG are working towards their debut album, coming (hopefully) very very soon. Check out “TRU RELIGION” below:

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