Ally Nicholas Shares Her Cathartic Heartbreaker, “I Know You Too Well”

Olive Soki

Born and raised in Chicago, Ally Nicholas didn’t always have it easy growing up. To counteract this reality and smooth over some of the bumps that have risen in her life, she turned to music to self-soothe. These initial intentions and her raw talent have gotten her quite far despite the short length of her discography. Following up on her streak of vulnerability and emotivity, she’s shared her latest single “I Know You Too Well,” an explosive track co-written and produced by Diego Fererra.

Sung from a place of exasperation and pain, “I Know You Too Well” takes place at a pivotal stage in a rather cyclical and toxic relationship. Having observed the patterns and behaviors she’s been subjected to, she finds herself having to decide for herself if she is ready to take the next exit out of this exhaustive ride. Layered with increasingly fervent electric guitars and explosive percussion, the “I Know You Too Well” grows bigger and louder by the second, accentuating the emotions scattered throughout.

Although she only has a grand total of four tracks to her name available to stream, Ally is slowly but surely building a name for herself in the alt-rock universe.

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