Good Kid Releases Electric New Single “Mimi’s Delivery Service”

Sundhya Alter

The only thing that pairs more perfectly than teenage angst and the pop-punk genre is the transporting nature of animation and the refusal to lie within reality, a tension that Good Kid conjures up in their new release “Mimi’s Delivery Service.” While the ensemble has established themselves within the music community settling into a familiar mirage of indie-rock and punk sounds, their creative reach follows the boisterous element of their records into the gaming and programming world. Through interactive video games and a close-knit internet community, Good Kids interacts with their fans on a digital level taking inspiration from online animations. Their newest single, “Mimi’s Delivery Service” draws from themes of an anime short film about the otherworldly purpose of believing in one's own supernatural powers, yet refashioned in earthly terms to communicate the experience of watching someone you love lose their magic.

The track's rapid guitar and bass keep up with the adrenaline-rushed urgency of its high-pitched production, embodying the video game-inspired animation that accompanies the single. While the Toronto band sings about the power of overcoming fear and self-doubt atop hues of snippy guitar riffs, the distress of the obscure lyrics is a low cry towards the obstacles that can prevent one from doing so, forcing them to contemplate the grounding nature of reality outside the cosmic pull of animation. In typical Good Kid fashion, “Mimi’s Delivery Service” is a story within a song, told through hopeful lyricism and a hurried production it's a tale that reverberates a youthful exuberance only to gloss over a false sense of escapism.

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