Alt-pop Duo Bahari Mixes Somber with Upbeat in New Tracks “Jackie Kennedy” & “Bipolar”

Ian Tsang

Mimicking Ruby Carr and Natalia Panzarella’s duality in the backing of alt-pop group, Bahari, the pair released two new tracks to join their deep-rooted discography. The songs, “Jackie Kennedy” and “Bipolar,” boast the signature raw, emotion-evoking lyricism the duo is known for. Originally formed in 2014 as a trio, their long journey has been a testament of their persistence - seeing the emergence of arguably pop’s most prolific female-led group to date. With the release of their new heartfelt serenades, their underground resume advances in their much anticipated 2021 return.

“And you know that I’m sorry,

Even though you were the one to go.

And I’m not making excuses, but it’s hard for me to let go.

We lost a lifetime, You and I, that’s all I know.”

While both tracks run similar themes in heartbreak, relationship hardships, and the struggles of living with bipolar disorder in the neo-dating scene, “Jackie Kennedy” takes a more somber approach for connecting with their audience – Bahari enlists a melancholic piano tune to play out the unspoken, heart wrenching emotions they hope are felt by listeners. Combined with an orchestral background, the track serves to connect with the audience on a deep-down, stripped level straying from the usual EDM rooted Bahari beats. Nevertheless, “Bipolar” returns to their more upbeat persona – hiding the similar theme behind an uplifting track of seamless vocals, masterful songwriting, and pop-instrumental genius.

“Over and over and over again,

You push me away, then you pull me back in.

When you say that you want me, it's hard to resist,

Sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate you.”

“Bipolar” serves as an expert narrative of the experiences felt by new-age dating with the mental disorder. Bahari’s strengths lie in their ability to connect with their audience – conveying their deepest thoughts layered under hopeful instrumentals and breathtaking vocals. Bahari’s artistry goes on full display in tracks such as “Savage,” “:( (sad face),” and “Wild Ones” – while, arguably, their more well-known breakthrough saw them join ILLENIUM on the 2019 track “Crashing.” 2021 looks to be bright for the talented duo: if “Jackie Kennedy” and “Bipolar” have shown us anything, it's that Bahari’s ability to produce hit songs is as strong as ever, and these two tracks are just the next step in their iconic journey. Dive in below:

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