Liza Owen Drops Instantly Timeless Single and Video for “JOSIE”

Audrey Brandes

Pop singer Liza Owen is known for her infectiously upbeat anthems, but she reveals an entirely new edge in her latest single “JOSIE.” Weaving in reverberating synths and cinematic production, Owen shifts into a darker realm, all the while maintaining her soaring vocals and signature vibrant sound. A modern take on love, jealousy, and relationships gone awry, the British Cambodian pop star explains: “'JOSIE' was born out of a conversation in the car on the way to the studio. I was recounting a story about some recent drama in my relationship regarding an ex of my partners. I was telling my friends and co-writers Ali Tamposi and Paul Phamous that "Josie" was back in town...the rest is history.”

It’s not just the song that relays a captivating story – Owen has teamed up with director Aisha Shliessler to create a Tarantino-esque video, all shot in one take. The mesmerizing short depicts Owen in the Sunset Hollywood Villa – a Bond film location – as she plays with classic film tropes and includes a shocking twist in the final seconds. Liza Owen embodies old-Hollywood flair and contemporary themes of empowerment in both her lyricism and accompanying visuals. Her vision is timeless, infectious, and executed flawlessly.

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