Rei Ami Displays Softer Side in “do it right” featuring Aminé

Rachael Jansky

With her breakthrough hit “DICTATOR,” Rei Ami captured the attention of nearly everyone in 2019. Continuing to prove her musical prowess with the release of “RUNAWAY” and “MAC & CHEESE,” Rei Ami took a brief pause in releasing music. Finally returning with “do it right” featuring Aminé, Rei Ami’s artistry and versatility is on full display, reminding fans of her undeniable talent.

“do it right” is a soft pop ballad with hip-hop influence. The melodic, wavy production is met with a catchy drum pattern, allowing the song to live between the two genres. Rei Ami’s voice is soothing with her whispered vocals melting into the rest of the track. Aminé’s delivery, somewhere between rapping and singing, perfectly mirrors the free-flow of thoughts that can start to spiral out of control when overthinking a situation.

The track hears the two artists talk through a relationship, fighting off the temptation of losing yourself completely in another person. There’s a level of self-awareness that borders on becoming uncomfortable, hearing Rei Ami admit to her own insecurities and worries about her worth separate from the relationship. The vulnerability and introspection in “do it right” leans into Rei Ami’s softer side, opening up to her audience. Yet in the same vein as her previous releases, her willingness to share her insecurities and embrace her past mistakes remains aligned with the unapologetic, badass persona Rei Ami has come to be known for.

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