Katus Myles Releases New Single “SUMMERPACK”

Milly Wensley

I discovered Katus Myles after he released "Cnf" a few months ago and was instantly hooked on his sound and style. Coming just in time for summer’s end Katus has released a multi-track single “SUMMERPACK." With various influences, from dance and afrobeat to classic hip-hop elements, this release is just what we needed to close out the summer in London. These tracks are high energy; perfect for a nice day outside, a summer street party, or simply catching a good vibe. Featuring a collaboration with R&B artist Ella More, the two create an amazing meld of Ella’s sultry vocals and Katus’ steady flow. 

The single showcases two tracks and an intermission, opening with “Criminal” the collaboration track. The song was a product of wanting to create something that sounds like how summer feels. There’s a perfect balance between old-school elements that bring a sense of familiarity merged with fresh sounds resulting in a brand-new vibe. The production truly elevates the feel of this tune, it captures summer perfectly. It’s gentle yet danceable, sounds like day or night, and you can’t resist moving to the beat. 

There are so many exciting sounds coming out of London right now and Katus never fails to bring a genuinely authentic new style to the forefront. He blends genre’s together effortlessly and always maintains high-quality production. His vocals are lush whether he’s leaning towards singing a R&B sound or bringing a steady-paced hip-hop flow. He’s truly tapped into what’s connecting with people right now while staying true to his old-school influences. 

Needless to say “SUMMERPACK” is exactly what you need on your playlists as winter approaches. For anyone who enjoys experimental blends of R&B, Dance, or Hip-Hop you’ll enjoy “Criminal” and “Blame (Want You)." I love to see Katus collaborating with people who sound so natural with his artistic style. Looking forward to seeing what’s next for Katus Myles and excited to have “SUMMERPACK” on repeat for now.

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