Will Joseph Cook Shares Another Irresistible Single, "PUNCHIN'"

Olive Soki
Credit: Sophie Holden

Inspiration, especially when it comes to the vast majority of artistic ventures, can come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it be a cultural reference point, the people in our lives, or, in Will Joseph Cook’s case, acatch phrase, They are all are welcome and very much appreciated — especially when the final product is irresistible. 

“PUNCHIN’,” Will’s latest single is centered around attraction and the little things that make one's partner the subject of said attraction. Zeroing in on the little quirks and details that make the ones we love so charming, both lyrically and sonically, “PUNCHIN’” is a very light and infectious track that oozes ‌good times and finesse. Speaking of the track Will has shared the following, “PUNCHIN’ is this flirty bop about being most attracted to each other’s less conventional traits. In England, if someone is ‘punchin’ they’re dating someone who others might consider to be out of their league. I wrote the song around a little play on words - even though I’m punchin, I must hit a little different.”

Marking the third official single ahead of his upcoming EP, NOVELLA (due October 13th) Will Joseph Cooks has, once again, proven his knack for creating endlessly relatable and infectious musical delights.

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