Marlon Funaki's Off To A Hot Start In 2024 With "She Knows How To Say My Name"

Riley Furey

There are a lot of artists that I believe will have exciting years in 2024, but Marlon Funaki is near the front of the class for me. Whether it's his recent signing to both Undercurrent and CAA, his stellar management team, or having his first sold out shows this past month – the signs of success are written in the stars for the California native.

"She Knows How To Say My Name" in particular feels like a perfect continuation of the sound Marlon has been fleshing out over his past few releases, and it's hard not to enjoy each offering more and more as they are put out in the world. The production as a whole is stellar, but one of my favorite recurring sounds in his music lies within the guitar tone that drives this track forward from start to finish.

I’m also a darts enthusiast, and the cover art having a moody photo with a dart board is a hook line and sinker for me to love this track even more. The intro sentence for the article speaks for itself on why you should stay up to date on Marlon’s music this year, and I’m excited to be able to look back and reflect on the year Funaki is about to have.

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