Zac Greer Takes A Deep Breath And Bars Out On "coming home"

Riley Furey

Zac Greer has been relentlessly working on his debut album for the past year, and it seems like after all of the pressure that came with it, that he had the urge to just bar out. "coming home" was the product of that ideology, and it's a super refreshing sound to hear from the Arizona based artist.

We're used to hearing cutting edge hyper pop adjacent production (which is still relatively prominent within the single), but on this track in particular we are blessed with a wave of 808's that keep Zac from boxing himself into one genre. There are a lot of intricate plays within the lyrics themselves, but I am going to save us all the trouble and let you find the meaning yourself because a Genius annotator already fumbled the bag in breaking down the nuances of the track.

Interpretations aside, it's exciting to see so many acts set the tone that 2024 will be a year of work that we've never seen before, and Zac Greer is the most recent to show us that he is capable of more than we've seen in his music so far. Nonetheless, it's awesome to see Zac putting out more music only a month after his album release, and we can hope for more of the same in the coming

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