Elias Hix Delivers The Score To Your Favorite Fantasy Movie On "Stones & Waves"

Riley Furey

Elias Hix has been one of the many artists to benefit from the folk renaissance of 2024, but he is making music unlike anybody else in the genre right now. His soundscapes almost always feel like they are out of a movie, and "Stones & Waves" is no different.

Elias’ first drop of 2024 was produced wholly by himself, and it is one of the most experimental tracks he’s released to date. The single contains dark and stormy imagery that feels like the successor to genre defining songs like Viva La Vida by Coldplay, and I can’t help but feel like I’m staring off of a cliff while reaching the end of the journey of a lifetime while this is playing between my headphones.

Hix is fresh off of opening for a stellar array of artists including Oliver Hazard, and I can see this being the most fruitful year of his career so far. With new music already on the horizon and a trend of success on his last few singles, Elias Hix is a name you’re sure to hear again soon as he continues his bid to reach the masses.

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