Forrest Nolan's "Summer Vibe" Is a Coming of Age Film in 3 Minutes and 50 Seconds

Audrey Brandes

If you’re on the lookout for tracks to add to your upcoming summer playlist, Forrest Nolan’s got you covered. “Summer Vibe” is sunshine in a song – it’s impossible to listen to the single without envisioning driving at sunset, basking in the sheer happiness of the moment. Nolan has made a name for himself with his from the heart, stripped-down tracks, and homemade music videos. But he truly blossoms in this song, playing with groovy instrumentals and drums, all while maintaining his signature indie-pop sound.

The video for the track, however, breaks from the usual home video visuals. We see Nolan playing a valet driver, taking a convertible, and driving alone down the highway, blissfully singing along to the song. It truly feels like watching a coming of age film in a mere 3 minutes and 50 seconds – telling a story of love, freedom, and finding happiness. About the track, Nolan explained to me last week that the inspiration was drawn from a feeling of excitement for what’s to come, with a simultaneous melancholic feeling of missing an ex. The song itself emits the best vibes, yet is underlain with bittersweet lyricism, as he sings, “I still kinda miss all the things that we do.” It’s simultaneously carefree and contemplative, in the best way possible. And in doing so, Nolan beautifully captures the coming-of-age phenomenon like very few artists can.

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