“Good News,” Bakar Is Back

Perry Avgerinos

Bakar is one of a few artists that are true genre-benders in this current generation of music. With a voice already unique in its own right, battered in a British accent – Bakar is easily on my top 10 best up and comers list. With his first single of the new year, “Good News” sees Bakar pick up right where he left off with the release of his 2022 album Nobody’s Home.

First debuted at Givenchy’s Fall/Winter 23 Men’s show during Paris Fashion Week – “Good News” encapsulates the spark one feels when they first catch feelings for someone. That initial rush and hope that comes with experiencing that feeling again after a long period of not – is the exact soundscape Bakar creates for his listeners.

“All along I was feelin' nothin'

Til you came along, I started feelin' somethin'

Man, I'm just glad you put me amongst it

This feels like good news”

With crunchy drums, spacious guitars, and Bakar’s signature chanty vocal tone, “Good News” is one of those comfort songs, a puzzle perfect addition to Bakar’s discography. Set to perform at Coachella in a few months, Bakar is poised for a breakout year. Catch a vibe below:

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