Billianne’s Vocals Shine on Debut Single, “Simply The Best”

Ian Hansen

While the track is simplistic in nature, 19 year old singer and songwriter Billianne from Milton, Ontario allows her vocals to take center stage in her debut single, “Simply The Best” – which is a cover of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best.”

She gained a six-figure following on TikTok in just a few months after the cover went viral, with 1.5M views, 265K likes, and 22K video creates to the sound. She also had 8K pre-saves before the release, creating the ideal momentum any new artist could hope for. Not only can she take over a track through stellar vocals, it’s her ability to lay down emotional guitar melodies that ultimately sets her apart. She has been a multi-instrumentalist since she was a child. She started by learning piano at just age seven, to eventually picking up guitar, ukulele, and trombone.

Her ability to match her vocal energy with heartfelt lyrics demonstrates how talented she is. Billianne’s trajectory is through the roof, and the fact that she is making her debut with such a following, shows her potential is endless. Keep an eye on her for 2022, and listen to "Simply The Best" below:

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