BKAYE and Tayler Buono Deliver the Cure for Boredom in Latest Release, "Bored" [Premiere]

Perry Avgerinos

BKAYE is no stranger to success. In the peak of SoundCloud's prowess with the electronic circuit, you couldn't scroll the streaming service without seeing BKAYE's name attached to some of the industry's hottest acts, due to his electrifying remixes – many of which have multi-millions of streams, and have been played at the world's biggest festivals. Riding this momentum he created through dominating remixes, BKAYE made the switch to original music, and today he debuts his second single, "Bored."

Retaining his signature indie pop sound, BKAYE's "Bored" is an anthem that was much needed during the peak boredom days we all endured during quarantine. With airy instrumentation, strong drum work, and bright sound design, "Bored" satisfies pop EDM lover's appetites with a single listen. Striking the right balance of mainstream appeal, with help from the lively vocals of Tayler Buono, with forward-thinking production, BKAYE successfully pushes his project further all on his own.

After finally seeming to turn a corner with covid, the dormant EDM scene is primed for a massive revival. With the consistency that BKAYE has upheld over the years, it's only a matter of time until the tables turn and the industry's rising acts are remixing BKAYE originals. Turn your speakers or headphones up and cure your boredom with a listen to "Bored" below.

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