Emma G’s Sophomore Single Sees Her “Leveling Up”

Ian Tsang

North Carolina born, Emma G, is an upcoming pop/R&B sensation. Based out of Nashville, she releases her much anticipated song “Leveling Up” as a follow-up to her debut track “Like You” – which released back in April. "Leveling Up" bodes well to her future as an artist: there are uncanny parallels between her tone and that of the iconic Ariana Grande. Even still, her well-trained pitch is only at the beginning – showing that a test-of-time may very well mirror the industry mogul.

“I swear that I’ve changed,

And I swear that I ain’t the same no more.”

Emma G’s melodic flow delivers an empowering stage presence, which seduces her listeners from start-to-finish: she commands her audience to confront their inner-selves, fantasizing the idea of “leveling up” and growing within a relationship. This track will certainly age well as an impeccable sophomore single which becomes her second hit thus far.

Looking towards the future, Emma G anticipates a memorable summer – set with a lineup of singles: all certifiable hits we can assume. The future is looking promising for the rising star: her first single introduced the world to Emma G, her second reaffirmed her place in the music industry. Emma G surely is leveling up. Stream her sophomore single below:

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