UK Duo, Honne, Release Two New Singles Ahead of Their Newly Announced October Album

Ian Tsang

UK based electro-pop duo, HONNE, released their latest singles “IDGAF ABOUT PAIN” and “NOW I’M ALONE (feat. Sofia Valdes)” to round out their PART 1: WWYD? EP. Their lead single “WHAT WOULD YOU DO?” released June 11th, with funky undertones and a soulful feature by Pennsylvania artist, Pink Sweat$. HONNE is one of those duos that never fails to impress – penning sentimental, yet uplifting synth-heavy tracks to compliment every mood. Comprised of Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher, their ever-evolving musicality truly shines through in this beautiful display of indie-pop.

“Why not tell somebody you love them before it's too late?

Why not tell somebody you love them 'cause it cannot wait?

Just tell somebody you love them before it's too late,

'Cause you're running out of time, don't wait another day.”

Their three newest singles serve as a lead-up for their recently announced album, LET’S JUST SAY THE WORLD ENDED A WEEK FROM NOW, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? – out October 22nd. There’s a noticeable contrast of their recent upbeat rhythm as opposed to last year’s album, no song without you – which took a more melancholic/sentimental bedroom-pop approach. But HONNE, a seasoned duo which has released music since late 2014, flawlessly performs both styles with a versatile discography favorable for the underground music connoisseur. October is just around the corner, but their PART 1: WWYD? EP is just the thing listeners need to get them there.

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