Suriel Hess Is Pulling Heartstrings with "Sick of You"

Audrey Brandes

We’re big fans of Suriel Hess over here at Sheesh, and his latest track “Sick of You” solidifies that love all the more. With plucky folk-style guitar and his signature velvety voice, Suriel’s new ballad is heart-wrenchingly beautiful and just plain sweet. Hess relays the details of his love interest’s little quirks – their flaws even – but reveals that these are the things he’s so enamored with. As he gushes, “Maybe I’m out of my mind, cause I’m still not sick of you, guess there’s nothing you could do to make me change my mind,” Suriel delivers a love song that is guaranteed to pull at your heart.

“Sick of You” is Suriel’s first release of 2021 and what a way to make a statement. Straying from his usual style, Suriel drops the pop production and echoey vocals to reveal something raw, untouched, and truly special. Suriel Hess is putting it all out there on this track, and I for one am thankful for it.

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