Lyan Paris’ "DIMES" Enters Running for Song of the Summer

Audrey Brandes

Lyan Paris may have just made the song of the summer with their new single, “DIMES.” I know, I know – that’s a pompous declaration to make, especially seeing as it’s only the beginning of April, but the hip-hop/pop duo’s latest drop has all the makings of a hit: an infectiously catchy hook, swift bars, and anthemic production that make this one a clear stand-out. The actual song came to fruition by some divine chance – a result of Lyan Paris duetting TikTok user @officialboombeats’ original instrumental with his own ad-lib. Needless to say, the captivating melody and quick-witted bars that Lyan Paris produced garnered some serious hype. Suddenly, a flood of comments begging for a full version of the original snippet came pouring in, and “DIMES” was born.

This all occurred less than a month ago. Since then, Lyan Paris has only elevated the track, incorporating jazzy hip-hop production and infectious ad libs. The chorus rides on a soaring melody, singing, “And then she said / Don’t waste your time / Every single night / Instead you gotta get out your head and collect your dimes.” The track teeters between an anthemic call to hustle and a flirtatious song about a girl, expressing frustration with a playful air. It’s a song that makes the listener feel like they can take on anything – only Lyan Paris can make someone nagging at you to get your shit together sound this good. Already amassing an impressive amount of love and attention, “DIMES” is a track you’re gonna want to put on repeat now before it finds its way onto all your friends’ playlists.

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