Zekey’s True Artistry Shines on “Wanderlust”

Audrey Brandes

I’ve written about Zekey before – his revamped rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story,” blew me away, as he transformed the classic pop song into a mellowed out and vulnerable masterpiece. The Williamsburg, VA native has not slowed down since. With an ever-growing following on Spotify and TikTok, Zekey has not only won over fans with his music, but with his magnetic personality and interactions with listeners. He exudes a laidback air and a sense of charm, and that translates directly into his music. His latest track, "Wanderlust," is the singer personified.

The single, which dropped last week, is already a certified summer anthem. Opening with muted guitar strums, Zekey’s vocals erupt into the piece, singing, “She got a tattoo her mama doesn’t know about, a little red rose right behind her ear.” And the playfulness of the song only escalates from there. As he transitions to his signature half-singing, half-rapping in the lead up to the chorus, Zekey’s artistry jumps out. Navigating the quick bars and seamless melody like the natural that he is, he creates a build up to the chorus that is well worth the wait. As his smooth vocals come in with, “I think she got that wanderlust,” the melody soars, underlain with pacy drums and a tune that feels almost cinematic. I can guarantee that this is one you won’t be able to get out of your head. And how could you be mad about that? The song is the epitome of summer love and thrill-seeking – I know I want it to be on my soundtrack this season.

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