Buppy. Takes You Along His Journey on Debut EP ‘Cold Nights In Hollywood’ [EP Review]

Freddie Fine

Almost two years of hard work from Buppy. has gone into his incredible debut project, and finally, we can all listen to it. Beginning from when he left his hometown to live in Hollywood at the age of 16, to today, firmly in position to become one of the next young stars, Cold Nights In Hollywood is an incredibly mature debut from the now 18-year-old artist. Weaving between various stories of anxiety, loneliness, love, and pain, his storytelling displays the knowledge of someone twice his age, yet with deep understanding of the complexities of the world that come through coming of age moments in one’s life.

The EP’s title track fittingly begins the project with one of the first pieces of its existence, with Buppy. having created the chorus as he navigated the desolate feeling of living in Hollywood. Loneliness becomes one of the major themes of the first two tracks, coinciding with the beginning steps in Buppy.’s life, as “Down&Low” examines the scars left from his father leaving him and his family when he was just seven years old. A deeply emotional track almost clouded by the distorted vocals and electronic leaning production from HARRY WAS HERE, Buppy.’s lyricism shines brighter than ever.

He transitions into the coping habits he developed on “WTDWTS,” a smoker’s song that provides insight into Buppy.’s self-deprecating mindset, opening the song by rapping, “Yeah I really got problems / Things I gotta process, shit I gotta dissect.” He goes on to confess to relying on smoking to suppress the pain experienced throughout his life despite the seemingly fun-loving nature of the production by DXCKLIN. Fueled by the same core theme, “Drugs&Love” further explores the significance of smoking in Buppy.’s life, yet through a new lens — love. The track opens by telling the story of how he fell in love with his now girlfriend Greta, as both substances in the title become the escapes from everything he has been through, singing, “Drugs and love / Oh I feel, oh I feel you tonight / Is it real, Is it real this time / Oh I’d kill, I’d kill for this high / I’m feeling alive.” However, the second half of the song delves into the fear of losing Greta and subsequent anxiety in the relationship.

Switching gears as he enters an electronic, house influenced world on “Another Day,” Buppy. expands on the significance his newfound love has had in his life. He still grapples with inescapable anxiety of the relationship crumbling, yet is able to shift his outlook to a more positive future, focusing on seeing “Another Day.” As the final track of the project comes in, my favorite of the six emerges with the inspiring “Man In The Stars.” An incredibly cohesive track bringing all of the themes of the project together, Buppy. concludes the first 18 years of his life through the lens of meeting with a “Man In The Stars.” As suspense builds, the first half of the track seemingly takes the role of becoming his final words - however, the second half immediately reflects on this moment, fighting through all his pain to arrive at where he is today, singing, “Maybe you can tell the children / I’m not the same man I was / I’m better,” as he appears to nearly choke up mid line. While the song fades out, Buppy. wraps up Cold Nights In Hollwyood by setting foot into the next stage of his life with a newfound hope and understanding of everything he has been through, ready to conquer anything in his path to greatness.

Cold Nights In Hollywood is an incredibly impactful listen, and I urge everyone to find a night to listen on loop and pay close attention to every word Buppy. says across the 18 minute runtime.

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