Canadian Singer/Producer Naliya Returns with Dreamy New Single “Handshakes”

Carter Fife

It’s been a minute since we last heard from Naliya – a bit over a year to be exact. Since those halcyon early-pandemic days, the Canadian singer/producer powerhouse has likely been keeping her head down and working, a thankless (and tiresome) artistic process. Luckily Naliya’s hard work culminates this week with her newest single “Handshakes” – her first single of 2021. Providing fans with one of the strongest tracks of the year, “Handshakes” sees Naliya pulling no punches as she delivers a painstakingly polished performance over a hard-hitting yet simultaneously dulcet mix.

You may recognize Naliya’s name from the two singles she dropped last year – “Pages” and “Do Not Disturb," but with this release, she takes a stylistic left turn. Synthesizing the effortless vocal harmonies of “Pages” with the eccentric sound and emotional candor of “Do Not Disturb," this week fans see Naliya finally circling back to deliver a tender and sentimental banger. Perfect for your weekly playlist, “Handshakes” is filled to the brim with electronically filtered vocals and near-lullaby vibes as Naliya ruminates on a recent heartbreak. Her writing is earnest, detailing the feeling of being lovestruck after the unfortunate end of a relationship – trying to move on but feeling like something is holding you back.

“Handshakes” is the perfect dose of forward-thinking yet nostalgic energy for either your midnight drive or day by the pool – and after one listen it isn’t hard to see why. With more music likely on the way, there’s never been a better time to dive into Naliya’s music and become a new fan.

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