Cybertrash’s Spacious Vocals Shine on “Sweet Illinois”

Ian Hansen

I simply can’t stop listening to Cybertrash. His most recent single, “sweet illinois,” takes a more ballad and down tempo approach compared to recent songs such as “play pretend” or “hang tight,” and it is perfect.

I can’t get enough of the atmosphere he creates on this track making me want to float in a sea of bright roses and tulips. “Sweet illinois” starts with a simple guitar loop that helps him get his point across and really emphasizes his somber yet emphatic vocal performance. It transitions into this guitar laden break that captures the immense beauty that Cybertrash presents on this track.

It almost seems like an anomaly for an artist this new to the scene to be able to capture so much rich emotion through every aspect of the production and harmonization like Cybertrash does. He uses his vocals as an instrument to create a rich listening experience. The paradox of Cybertrash’s name and his music will always make me smile. It proves that even trash can be beautiful.

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