d4vd's “Placebo Effect” Is Full of Raw Emotion

Ian Hansen

I haven’t seen anyone in awhile have quite the run like d4vd, and it is for good reason. It feels like yesterday he released "Romantic Homicide," and I had no idea he would be in the top 100 of most streamed artists in the world on Spotify.

Well, here the hell we are. This man has exceeded all expectations, and continues to release smash after smash. His recent release “Placebo Effect” follows his second hit record, “Here With Me,” and while it may not follow his otherworldly trend of smashing the charts, it doesn’t lack in quality one bit, and one could argue it is his best track.

The somber and leisurely pace to the track truly tugs at the emotions of anyone listening. Topically, the track explores something that once was great, yet not permanent. It is perfect for those who have dealt with the deception of love.

Yet again, d4vd delivers. We are witnessing the beginning of a superstar — if he isn’t already — and I just know there are more heartfelt songs on the way.

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