Dae Zhen Shows off His Evolved Sound with "Mango Sticky Rice" [Premiere]

Ian Tsang

Los Angeles based artist Dae Zhen continues his rise to stardom with the release of his track: "Mango Sticky Rice" and the accompanying visuals. MSR is a realization of the one man band’s versatility - assuming the roles of rapper, singer, producer, and instrumentalist in the Fontana native’s first release of the year.

After a three year hiatus (concluding in 2018), this track represents Dae Zhen 2.0, showing the emergence of an exceptionally talented and vigorous artist with much to offer the music community. Similar to the rapper’s previous releases, MSR features Dae’s signature upbeat, yet somehow laid back flow. The two minute track shows flawlessly executed beat flips, as well as excellent navigation of drum pockets - seamlessly dropping in and out of the rhythm. Dae builds upon his masterful songwriting with a hook comprised of his own auto tuned vocals.

Although Dae is a seasoned musician - having much success in the early 2010s - the past couple years have been a comeback for the rising star. In the early stages of his career, Dae was making monumental progress in the music industry: earning his place on an NPR music cover, as well as many performances at LA’s House of Blues. Since then, the multi-disciplined artist has been hungry in his ambitions - channeling his depression and self-destructive tendencies as inspiration for his 2018 album Fontana – Dae followed with a handful of equally catchy tracks in the years since.

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