Dro Kenji Drops Jersey Club Banger, “UDNTLUVME”

Ian Hansen

After about a month of being out on Soundcloud, Dro Kenji released his long-awaited twist on the jersey club sound that has taken the industry by storm the past few months. “UDNTLUVME” features the signature jersey club drums, but the way Kenji paves his own lane with it is impressive.

The hook captured me out of the gate. The way he repeatedly  sings, “You don’t love me,” is hypnotic and doesn’t get old. Kenji has some of the most electric vocals in hip hop right now and once again shows he can utilize it in many different ways. Not only does he have distinguished vocals, he has a knack at putting together hooks that are true to him, yet have viral potential.

“UDNTLUVME,” has already been gaining traction on TikTok, and I think with the way Dro Kenji keeps pushing boundaries and leveling up as a songwriter shows that this next project will be his best. I believe we can expect a whole different sonic atmosphere than we have heard before, and that this is still the beginning of Kenji’s evolution as an artist.

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