Get To Know Dyl Dion? [Interview]

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There is a certain atmosphere that 18 year old Dyl Dion brings to a track that can’t be replicated. Tracks such as, “pouring outside” and “under your weather” exemplify his spacious energy that is bringing him to the top. There is something so calming about his vocals and soothing about his sonic palette that comes off as rich and authentic. Get to know Dyl Dion below:

The “Pouring Outside” video is out, and it is one of my favorite videos to come out this year. What was the direction of the video, and how did it come together?

One day, Tommy Bauer called my manager Jake and asked if we wanted to do the “Pouring Outside” video. Two weeks later we were in Arizona. I was at my highschool prom buying plane tickets for Arizona for the video shoot. Tommy was texting me during my prom asking if June 1st was good. A week after that, we went to Arizona, and it was two days that we were there. It was at the Overcast house in Arizona. It was this massive place with a lake, and it was crazy. We got so many of the shots in the actual house. We didn’t go anywhere besides the aquarium. We filmed the bedroom scene in Tommy’s bedroom. It was like 13 hours straight. I knew he made good videos, but that one looked crazy.

What was the creative direction of “Pouring Outside?” I love the ambient feel to it.

When I made “Pouring Outside,” I was just messing around because I haven’t really made music like that before. I didn’t sit down and think I was going to make a song like that, but it rained the day before, and I thought it would be a funny line. I have never released a song like that before, and it was so unexpected when it started doing its thing on Spotify. I dropped it, and then a week later it started going and then Soundcloud blew it up. I just made the song based on how I felt.

What is the importance of not chasing a hit?

I think it is important to not just make music for some Tik Tok algorithm to eat up. There has been a point where I’d sit down to make music and change something and would be like, “Maybe it would be better this way because maybe it would sound better for Tik Tok.” That is a horrible thought process. The other day I made something really cool, and I wasn’t thinking about what someone else would think about it.

I am sure “under your weather” is the same way. How did that song come together and what does it mean to you?

The whole premise of the song is not feeling yourself. You don’t feel yourself around someone because you are under their weather. It is a play on words. There are also lines about being okay with things changing. That song has so much meaningful value that not a lot of songs have so that is why it is special to me. I am so glad so many people like it because it holds a special place. It was also produced by me.

How helpful has it been being able to produce yourself and have that creative direction?

It has definitely been helpful. There was a point where I was done with producing, and I didn’t really want to do it. I just had my friends send beats and they did, and some of the songs were good, but the next day I was listening to music, and I was inspired. I can just do whatever I want and not have to rely on anyone. If you are inspired, there is no excuse, and you can go make it. Going forward, I want to have friends who are producers help out and look over the production because I think there are only so many things people can do production-wise. There are only so many sounds one person can make I think. It is powerful being able to produce your own stuff. I always started off producing.

I saw your parents produce as well. How did that influence you, and what was your musical upbringing?

They would make folk music and a bunch of acoustic sounding stuff. They would always record stuff and make albums when I was little. I would borrow their speakers or their microphone. I am pretty sure that is how it started.

What is the process of finding your sound to what it is now?

It is always nice to be inspired by something and not in an empty void. It works either way though. You can always get inspired. I always want a song to sound beautiful. Not super happy or sad, just a beautiful sound. That is a constant for me. Certain progressions make you feel in another world. That is always a thing I go for.

Who inspires your music in general?

Currently, I listen to so much random music. When I was really young, it was Aries. When I was super young, I wanted to be him. I would watch his YouTube tutorials and how he produced all of his songs. I have always been a fan of his. I want to have coffee with him one day.

This year has been one for the books. What is it like seeing your music go up like it has?

“Pouring Outside” started going crazy in October of last year, and I just kept releasing music, and then it kept building on itself. This year has been the one that has changed everything. It has given me a platform to release music on a different level. I have met so many people. In the beginning, I was super stressed out, but this year I went on a plane for the first time. It was my first time going places. So much has changed, and it has brought me places.

How excited are you to perform and get into that?

We are setting stuff up for December. I want to get out there. A mosh pit to a song would be crazy.

What is one piece advice to a young creative trying to figure it out?

Be yourself, and make music that is true to yourself. If you don’t do that, no one is going to win. Keep going because if you don’t keep going, you don’t know what is going to happen. When I released music, I would do it all the time. I didn’t expect anything to blow up, and it did because I kept going. There will be low points, but if you love it you have to go for it.

What can fans look forward to? What are you excited for?

I want to release a bunch of new music. There are so many ideas that aren’t finished, and I want to sit down and get it all done. People can look out for new music.

What do you do outside of music? What hobbies do you have?

I love to skate, and this is a beach town so everyone loves to surf. I love surfing. Video games are fire. There are so many random things. Music is obviously my biggest hobby.

Describe yourself in three words.

Curious, chillful, and content.

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