Headband Henny Goes Down Memory Lane With Latest Single, “Oak Street”

Olive Soki

Music operates in this very interesting and intricate web of references. A twist on the whole you are what you eat phrase, oftentimes your favorite artists signature sound is some sort of derivative of their influences. By adding their own unique flair to particular genres and music scene, they contribute to its evolution — catching the attention of fans with similar tastes along the way. A great example of this phenomenon is Kalamazoo based rapper, Headband Henny.

Inspired by the likes of Isaiah Rashad, Tyler, the Creator, and Kaytranada, Henny’s discography consists of a blend of laid back flows and scenic atmospheres, that could easily be wedged between the sound of his influences. His last single, “Stove,” showed-off his lush and laidback sound and caught the attention of various music blogs and fans. And continuing this winning streak, adding storytelling to the mix, he's shared his brand new single “Oak Street” (feat. Santino Jones and Benna).

Coming of age being a major theme on this track, Headband Henny shares his experience growing up on Oak Street in Kalamazoo with his listeners. This tale is paired with an alternate perspective from one of the track's features, Santino Jones, who, six years his senior, also grew up on Oak Street. Together they manage to deliver a dreamy and illustrative track, giving us a fly on the wall perspective on their journeys so far. Lustrous instrumentals, and easy going beats galore, “Oak Street'' feels like a perfect match for any Smino and Isaiah Rashad fans out there.

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