OSTON Looks Good in Blue on New EP, 'Melancholia' [EP Review]

Kieran Kohorst

It’s always a relief when impressive numbers are justified by talent and merit. For OSTON, the numbers don’t lie: garnering millions of views through snippets alone, she was in high demand from fans infatuated with her hyper-aware and dreadfully relatable writing. Her pen maintains its potency throughout her varied, newly-released project titled Melancholia. In her own words, OSTON describes the tracks on the record as “this feeling of limbo and the meaning behind it. Your 20’s are far from glamorous… It’s a constant state of uncertainty.” OSTON belies this sense of uncertainty in her music, coming off as self-assured in her lyrics and chosen concepts. Each word seems delicately chosen to represent the tone of the track, or perhaps vice versa.

Regardless, the six tracks that materialize into Melancholia manage to not only encapsulate OSTON as an artist but keep listeners entertained with an eclectic balance in styles employed throughout the EP. The thrashingly boastful “Whatshisface” and the frenetically self-depreciating “Mouthwash” illustrate the sonic highs of the project, even when our narrator may be at her lowest. Meant to be a reflection of her self-discovery, Melancholia is defined by OSTON as “a deep sadness or gloom…it’s the feeling that the ‘best’ version of yourself is right there next to you, close enough to touch, but never seems to stick around for very long. For me, that feeling perfectly encapsulates an age, a stage of life that we call our 20-somethings.” The project will be available in its purest form on Tuesday, September 13th when OSTON takes the stage at the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles to perform the songs live.

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