Dylan Reese Is Back with a Soulful Summer Single: “anytime soon (with Kid Travis)”

Conner Crosby

Dylan Reese and Kid Travis are two artists responsible for some of the most infectiously groovy and impressively layered music out today, and Reese, already with an expansive catalogue of collaborative tracks, has just released a new single featuring Travis.

The song, “anytime soon,” combines modern dreampop and internet R&B vibes with classic soul technique, resulting in a grandiose sound that screams timelessness and superior quality. It’s an incredibly fun listen, with impeccable performances from both artists as they croon over the lush instrumentals.

With tracks of this caliber, Dylan Reese and Kid Travis will undoubtedly have long and incredibly successful careers. I’m uncertain this specific collaboration will be notable further down the road, but it’s certainly one of my favorite moments in their careers thus far. Go stream Dylan Reese’s “anytime soon” today.

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