Slush Puppy Wants to Be Your “Barbie Doll” in New Single

Rachel Guttman

So many skilled artists reside in San Diego nowadays: there is an excess of talent radiating from the state of California, and it has become clear that Slush Puppy, otherwise known as Sam Catelano, is one of the most stand-out West coast-native musicians. Sam has continuously been able to entice fans with his diverse discography and unique personal aesthetic.

“Barbie Doll” demonstrates his true authenticity and manifests an overall west-coast vibe. The piece blends alternative pop and rock to radiate a nonchalant ambiance and exhibit Sam’s personality. He does a fantastic job of pairing this chill aura with his smooth vocals to create his distinct pop-punk sound. The song checks all boxes to convey Sam’s carefree attitude and makes an offer to a girl to merely play around instead of committing to something more serious. I think most of us can relate to the feeling of not being in the right headspace to desire a serious relationship after a bad breakup or simply feeling too busy. The combination of the laidback production, the guitar-driven instrumentation, and fine-tuned percussion make me want to add this track to my queue repeatedly. If you haven’t already had the chance to discover Slush Puppy, this is your opportunity to unearth his noteworthy and addictive discography.

Check out his newest single, “Barbie Doll” below:

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