Sam MacPherson Goes 3-for-3 with Newest Single “Perfect Conditions”

Carter Fife

It’s been a pretty solid year for singer/songwriter Sam MacPherson – following the viral success of his 2021 single “Routine” (which as of writing is ascending toward 3M Spotify streams), he’s been steadily keeping his head down and working, releasing a few singles in his wake. This week he returns to us with his newest effort “Perfect Conditions," a celebration of dysfunctional love delivered via downtempo-pop and harmonious vocal layers. Though at the start of 2021 Sam MacPherson was a relatively unknown artist, at this rate we may see him approaching pop’s main stage sooner rather than later.

“Perfect Conditions” departs from the dejected and melancholic stylistics of “Routine” in favor of something more optimistic and saccharine. Like his last single “Last Minute," “Perfect Conditions” is a well-written pop track that sees Sam instilling both his incredible songwriting talent and sly sense of humor into every moment. Like Sam’s 2021 itself, his newest single starts with a minimalistic composition but later unfolds – or explodes – into something greater than itself. “Perfect Conditions” gradually evolves to the point whereby the end of the track it’s almost unrecognizable from where Sam started, and with the W’s that Sam has encountered this year it may be a sign of what his future has in store for him.

Whether or not you’re just finding out about Sam now, “Perfect Conditions” is a great track to decorate your early-summer rotation with. With lines like “Broke my heart a couple times, put me through hell / I wouldn’t want you any other way,” Sam’s writing is still just as top-notch as it was a few months ago, and with more music likely on the way, you can bet that I’ll be waiting patiently for his next release.

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