Eddie Benjamin’s Debut EP ‘Emotional’ is a Vulnerable and Versatile Masterpiece [EP Review]

Rachael Jansky

Since the release of his debut single “Fuck My Friends” just last year, Eddie Benjamin has been on the fast track to superstardom. With his delicate vocals, skilled musicality, and distinct sound, his talent is undeniable. At just four tracks long, his debut EP Emotional is a masterpiece, leaving fans eagerly awaiting more.

The EP opens with “Diamond Eyes” featuring Sia. The track begins slow and understated, drawing listeners in before its explosive chorus. Sia’s voice melts effortlessly into Benjamin’s as the two declare an unshakable bond that has formed. The song pays homage to the reliable friendships and relationships that were tested during a year of heightened uncertainty and anxiety.

Transitioning immediately into the hypnotic track “Emotional,” Benjamin’s versatility is already put on full display. Infusing his iconic pop sound with jazz and R&B elements, the infectious bass line on the song hooks listeners within the first few seconds. “Emotional” is a playful love song, hearing Benjamin make heartfelt declarations, but hiding part his sincerity behind the bouncy, upbeat production. From there, Benjamin showcases his vocal power in his goose bump-inducing cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black.” The EP ends with “Speechless,” a thoughtfully understated track overflowing with glittering harmonies.

As a whole, Emotional is just that. Benjamin’s emotive style of writing is on full display as he proves his willingness to put his every vulnerability into the world, making bold declarations of love and heartache throughout the project. Equally as thoughtful as his songwriting is his musicality. The tracks never feel overcrowded. Instead, Benjamin leaves space for each instrument to shine, along with his vocals. Benjamin’s thoughtfulness and versatility is what every artist hopes to capture, but few actually can. At just the beginning of his career, it’s impossible to guess exactly how his sound will evolve in his coming releases, but we will no doubt be listening.

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