Jeremy Zucker Unleashes Nostalgic Track, “18,” Just in Time for Summer

Rachel Guttman

If you’re looking for a new addition to your summer soundtrack, look no further. Jeremy Zucker just released a new bop, “18,” which is undoubtedly the perfect song to play while you’re cruising down the highway with your windows down on your way to the beach. This track reminded me of what it was like to be in high school again – with feelings of excitement and eagerness as I fell in love for the first time and spent my time going on fun adventures with my friends.

“18” is a feel-good piece that evokes nostalgic emotions regarding newfound freedom, love, and heartbreak that is normally experienced around this age. The powerful drums and melodious guitar intertwine with Zucker’s indicative lyrics to paint a picture of a brand new, developing relationship – describing the love interest as a spontaneous, desirable fantasy girl. The piece switches off vibes during the chorus and the verses to convey a sense of shakiness that exists in anyone’s first time falling in love.

This track is confirmation as to how much Zucker has grown as an artist over the years and has gotten me excited for his album release later this year. When you’re driving to the beach with your friends this summer, make sure to roll down your windows and jam along to Zucker’s new single below:

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