Timothy Bright: Authenticity, Admiration, and “Infamous” in Latest Single

Audrey Brandes

Authenticity is hard to find in the music industry. You’ve got labels telling you what to do, fans asking for what they want, and other artists to keep up with. Popularity can be a curse for some artists, as visions get misconstrued and left on a shelf. Perhaps that’s what makes Timothy Bright so refreshing. I read an (amazing) interview with the rapper by Samuel Hyland for Sammy’s World, wherein I clung to every word. It’s not just his music that makes the rapper so magnetic – Timothy’s conviction and belief in his image set him apart. And that’s something that gives a whole new depth to the meaning of “artist.” Whether that’s blocking out other opinions or expressing his vulnerability, Timothy Bright doesn’t hold back in any sense of the word.

His latest single proves just that. “Infamous” feels like a more experimental track, with influences that feel reminiscent of $uicideBoy$ meets Vince Staples. At barely 1 minute and 30 seconds, Timothy Bright raps over instrumentals that can only be described as an adrenaline-fueled free fall – chaotic, aggressive, and disorienting all at once. Heavy snares, a sample of Cher’s voice from “Clueless,” and descending electronic beats barely brush the surface of the layers in this track. It’s pacy, hypnotic, and it takes you over – the production and quick bars seem to enter the bloodstream just as quickly as they leave. And it just shows that Timothy Bright can master it all –from laidback, jazzy tracks such as the popular “Quicksand,” to similarly hard “Routes,” the guy’s got range. He’s doing what he wants, and he’s doing it well.

He famously got Kevin Abstract’s seal of approval, and he definitely has mine. Timothy Bright is an artist that truly makes me excited for the future of music. Check out “Infamous” and some of his other tracks here.

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