Finn Harry's "FALLOUT" Is the Breakup Cure

Audrey Brandes

The opening of Finn Harry’s “FALLOUT” makes you feel like you’re waking up in heaven, opening your eyes surrounded by an angelic voice and reverberating instrumentals. And suddenly you’re jolted upright, back to the grit of the real world. The track dances between these two dichotomies throughout, and somehow it flows beautifully. Intertwining electric guitar riffs and subtle rock-and-roll drum beats with velvety instrumentals, Harry glides across a vast sonic landscape – one that he has rightfully claimed as his own. In both his lyricism and production, the artist conveys feelings of being trapped and spiralling in the aftermath of a relationship, but being unable to crawl out. All the while, he emulates that classic nonchalant rockstar vibe, pulling off an effortless delivery.

Inspired by the “difficult elements of hookup/dating culture,” Harry goes on to share that as one is “stuck inside the ‘fallout’ of a failed relationship” the inevitable social media mind games ensue. “Being able to communicate with someone at any time adds a whole new element to our romantic landscape, and it makes breaking things off with someone much more complicated for both parties,” he explains. Playing with production that feels both inviting yet dangerous, Harry showcases the beauty and the complicated pains of modern love. It’s not often that you hear a track that is the sonic equivalent of the subject matter. Finn Harry does that, and then some.

The LA-based producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist is a life-long musician with the skill to show for it. Blending punk, pop, R&B, and psychedelic elements, it’s impossible to pinpoint where exactly Finn Harry falls. And that’s what draws you in. He exudes the energy of a classic rockstar, all the while maintaining a sense of distance and mystery. The dichotomy that exists within his track “FALLOUT” – one of soft vulnerability and raw passion – seems to exist in the artist himself.

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