Feel the Fresh Summer Vibes in Hans Williams' New Single “Weekend”

Seba Cowsill

April and May are my absolute favorite times to discover new music. Almost everything sounds as bright as the sky, as warm as the fresh sun rays, and as comfortable as a late night drive with the windows down in the new, nice weather. It’s just a time that can’t be beat. All three of these unremarkable feelings come together as one though in Hans Williams' new single, “Weekend.”

Off the bat, Hans Williams’ latest shows off a very different side than we last met him. The upbeat, relaxed new vibe can just be instantly felt. This is matched with cleaner, more slick production techniques than ever felt before. This is even more impressive of an accomplishment when noting that this is Hans' first time ever self-producing a project (with help from frequent collaborator Phin Choukas), an incredible feat when listening to the quality and calibre of the song's sound. Admittedly just a stream of his subconscious when creating this song, the short yet sweet taste of this track is nothing to toss aside. Hans says it best himself, saying, “I think it's a reminder to myself to try and stay grounded in whatever I’m doing – even if I think it may just be a distraction."

If you’re anything like me right now scouring for the perfect tracks to freshen up the ol’ summer playlist, do yourself a favor and add this right to it. You definitely won’t regret it. The sweet yet chill taste of this indie-alternative track is the perfect piece to start the summer off right, and I hope to get some more like this from Hans sooner rather than later.

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