Forester "Finds Beacon of Light in Dark Times" in New Single, “Falling Water”

Ian Hansen

Indie electronic duo based out of LA, Forester, recently dropped their beautiful single, “Falling Water.” Forester continues their busy summer, as “Falling Water” is their fourth single to drop since May. It starts with a heavenly electric guitar solo that leads into the sweet-sounding chorus including the catchy line, “I’m falling like water, in love with your way.” The hook brings the listener into a timely drum fill, which leads to the drop, capturing the duo’s electronic side and bringing back the dreamy guitar riff that started the track.

Forester wrote on Instagram, “"Falling Water" is about finding a beacon of light in dark times. Recently, we’ve found it really important to keep these beacons close to us – whether they come in the form of people, places, music, or nature, we all need them to stay grounded and positive.”

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