From Kicks to Hits, Solezz Wants to Stop Playing “Pretend” in Latest Single

Rachel Guttman

Sneaker entrepreneur turned artist, Solezz, is quickly becoming known as one of South Florida’s biggest underground musicians. Solezz, formally known as Dean, is a 20-year-old Miami-based hip hop artist, originally from Albania. He began making music about two years ago and has been blowing up within the past six months following the release of his most recent tracks. In order to create his sound, he carefully overlaps many musical elements and combines various components from a number of genres with strong intention.

With the release of his catchy new single, “Pretend,” Solezz has unquestionably turned heads with the sound he has been building. Because of the melodious tone of the song, listeners are able to identify with his snappy lyrics. Many can relate to the feeling of wanting to avoid love because of the underlying potential of getting hurt. People often fear falling in love because they want to protect themselves from pain or betrayal. Solezz sings about how he does not want to lie about his true feelings anymore – he wants to stop playing “pretend” and wants to avoid anyone involved from getting hurt. Through the diversity of production elements to complement his vocal tone, Solezz produces a catchy, harmonious piece. He captures listeners’ instant appeal through the intro of the song, which he loops throughout the remainder of the track in order to create a powerful sense of depth. He maintains engagement with listeners by intertwining meticulous guitar chords with trap drums and unique, unexpected melodies. The fast-paced tempo of the track evokes a feeling of liveliness, which carries on through entirety of the piece. He ends the song by first fading out the drums and then the guitar, which allows its message to live in fans’ minds a little bit longer.

Solezz says he is “excited to show the world what he has coming!” Check out Solezz new single, “Pretend” below. He will also be releasing his music video for “Pretend” soon so stay tuned!

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