Freddie's Finds, Volume 45: Best New Music of the Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome back to Freddie’s Finds Volume 45, featuring Portraits Of Tracy, 8rae, and Manic..

Drive Home by Portraits Of Tracy

Portraits of Tracy has quickly become one of my favorite artists ever since the release of “The Afterparty” back in March – a track that still stands as my favorite release of the year so far. However, their third album, Drive Home, brings them to even greater heights. The 18 track album arrives as the third and final part of a trilogy, following Tracy’s journey in life through the alias of Junie. Speaking on the album in an Instagram caption, Tracy shared, “After 4 years of self searching, experimentation & lots of gatekeeping hehe. I give you my most personal work yet. I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am to share this with you all, literally SHAKING while typing this out.” 

Throughout the hour and six minute runtime, one track stands out above all – “Found!” Bringing a production style that is simultaneously akin to Tracy’s distinct style yet unlike anything heard on the prior 15 tracks, “Found!” encapsulates the self-discovery themes of the album, singing, “Lost for a minute / Tell me what compares to this.” Drive Home is an experience like no other –  I implore you to find 66 minutes to listen to it in its entirety.

“leave him” by 8rae

8rae. 8raegoat. 8raeden. Whatever you want to call him, there is no one out there like 8rae right now. The Orange County, California based artist continues to push his sonic boundaries, following up on the horn driven banger “off a few” with his latest single “leave him.” Moving towards club music-esque amalgamation of sounds, 8rae adds yet another chapter to his ever growing epic. Masterful vocal layering and effects creates an unparalleled atmosphere, while distorted, pitched down lyricism displays a different side of 8rae. The world is 8rae’s oyster, and we just get to reap the rewards of it. Check out the new track below:


The Butterfly Effect (The Bedhead Cut) by Manic. 

Nothing could have prepared me for Manic.’s debut album, The Butterfly Effect (The Bedhead Cut) this week, an extension of their prior released EP The Butterfly Effect. The three piece, Nashville based band brought every aspect of their artistry together, resulting in a 17 track adventure including influences of bedroom pop, grunge and alternative rock, shoegaze and more. “This record is the sound of the band figuring it out and the sound of the Nothingless underground,” says lead singer, Nicholas Baños. “We wanted to make a record that has a little bit of everything and wraps up the band’s first book, some of my years of writing alone prior to the band and what we found together.”

Along this journey arrives “Heavy Falls The Hand,” a change of pace, melancholic track. Pairing auto tune lined vocals with increasingly complexifying production, Manic. simultaneously jolt you alive while leaving you laying in bed, staring at the ceiling. The Butterfly Effect (The Bedhead Cut) is just the beginning of something great – check out Manic. below.


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