Freddie’s Finds, Volume 10: Best New Music of the Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the tenth volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I will spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes Ricki Monique x MMYYKK, Promise3, Zachy, and MICO.

“CEREAL” by Ricki Monique featuring MMYYKK

Words can’t describe how engrossed I was in Ricki Monique’s music after hearing “CEREAL” featuring MMYYKK. It’s a two part song – the first of which contains soft vocals over a mellow instrumental, with the occasional effect providing ear candy. Monique explores the need to take back control of her own life before landing at the point she wants to be at, rapping, “Rocking raw shea now I’m glistening / Step in the booth now it flows / Fuck it this shit is the beginning, I’m stoked.” A delicate hook transitions into a harder hitting beat, with a wavy bass taking control of a higher energy second half. Monique continues on the same theme, recognizing how far she’s come to be at the point she is at now and being happy with what she creates, rapping, “This that music in my body / This creating make me free.” MMYYKK closes it out by delivering an alternate perspective of Monique’s success, viewing her grind and direct plan of attack on a short but exciting verse. I’m very very excited for what is to come from Ricki Monique as she is quickly emerging as one of my favorite new acts.

“New Horizon” by Promis3

I have a weird relationship with hyperpop music – I either absolutely love it or can’t stand it, but when I first heard “New Horizon” by Promis3 I knew it was the first of those two options. Reminiscent of the MGMT songs I grew up listening to yet with much better vocals, the queer duo take their futuristic sound to the next level. It’s simultaneously a song you could hear in the club or put your headphones in and just vibe to, even singing along to the catchy hook. Speaking on the track, they said “It’s a symbolic representation of the agony that we undergo within the creative processes but also in life. We imagined ourselves traveling to a new world where things are better, going through extreme weather conditions on a raft on a wild and desolate sea, crossing seas and borders, with our goals being the final destination. We were being pulled there by the power of our ambitions.” The combination of euphoric synths and a myriad of vocal pitching create an inspiring listen – you will certainly feel their desire to achieve their wildest goals and be propelled to achieve your own. This is the beginning of a big year for Promis3, so keep an eye out.

“Pretend” by Zachy

Zachy is back with his second release of the year. “Pretend” is a delicate and heartfelt track, letting the passionate vocals and meaning take center stage over an acoustic guitar riff. The hook sees him reach out to someone that doesn’t exist yet, yearning for a special someone in his life, while you can hear the emotion in his vocals. Zachy is quickly taking everyone by storm with his relatable tracks, and there’s only more to come.

“did too much” by MICO

Amidst a wildly successful stretch of singles, MICO is back with what might just be my favorite one yet. “did too much” is an incredible blend of groove-inducing guitar, passionately delivered vocals, and a hook that will have you feeling all the emotions. “‘did too much’ is all about the regrets after the decision of a breakup; considering most breakups aren't nasty and equally involve both people, i don't think it's talked about enough,” said MICO on the track. “it's a song i wish i had in those moments. it's not about dumping this horrible person or getting dumped by a horrible person, just about recognizing the things that tore you apart and wishing it went differently, even if you're the one that cut it off.” It’s a perspective that is often difficult to take on during moments like these, yet is fully encapsulated in his lyrics. An accompanying video by Overcast plays with the imagery of hot air balloons as MICO fights through the inability to speak out about how he feels during the relationship. Elements of the video unlocked deep memories of Coldplay’s “Paradise” video, as instead of Chris Martin dressed as an Elephant riding a unicycle, there is someone running through the desert dressed as a Panda. MICO is gearing up for the release of a new EP, but in the meantime there are some amazing singles to have on repeat.

You can find all of my past finds in the playlist below:

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