Freddie’s Finds, Volume 9.5: Best New Music of the Week

Freddie Fine

What’s going on? A Freddie’s Finds in the middle of a week? Is the world being turned upside down, or were there four incredible releases before this Friday? I’ll let you decide that for yourself as you read about the new singles from spill tab, THE BLSSM, redveil x Sam Truth, and Ben Dolic.

“Sunburn” by spill tab

I sat down with spill tab back in December following the release of her EP Bonnie, and it’s already clear she is set to embark on a new creative journey. “Sunburn” takes a step into a more electronic influenced sound, something new but graciously welcomed. Production from Solomonophonic combined with distorted vocals creates an alluring and jam packed listen, clocking in at just under two minutes. Speaking on the meaning of the track, spill tab said, “The lyrics come from a place of unsettledness and frustration, which felt like it matched the energy of the instruments.” She explores a relationship that just isn’t working for her, often feeling used or pushed to the side. An accompanying chaotic video features, fittingly, a very sunburnt spill tab on a mountain after her car breaks down. I am so ready for whatever is coming next from spill tab.


Ironically enough, THE BLSSM did drop “NOT TODAY” today, and I am very glad they did. A follow up to “DIZZY,” they continue exploring the same theme – how mental health can affect your everyday life. However, this time they are not just acknowledging it, but literally telling their thoughts “not today,” singing, “When I ask myself if it’s going to be a bad day, I say not today.” The track has a lovely rock influenced, guitar led instrumental, while the hook feels reminiscent of the 2000s pop/rock styles of Green Day or Coldplay. We’re getting very close to a project from THE BLSSM and I am very excited.

“better” by redveil featuring Sam Truth

We are well underway in VEIL SZN now. Three weeks after the release of “diving boardredveil is back with “better” featuring Sam Truth. It’s the first time the duo have collaborated outside a track with AG Club, but it’s clear their chemistry carried over. Sam Truth opens it up with a heartfelt verse before an ear catching hook delivers a confidence inspiring message – whatever you’re going through will get better over time. redveil follows it up with an explorative and complex lyric filled verse, describing what he’s been through and how far he has come, rapping, “My mother said you touch that dream as long you deserve it / I came from fighting for a day to smile to happy verses.” The music video, directed by the legend himself 777MEDIA, switches between redveil and Sam talking to a woman and artistic shots of them laying in the grass. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite releases from redveil, although I’m sure the upcoming project will have something to say about that.

“Kissing Her, Missing You” by Ben Dolic

On just his third ever release, Ben Dolic is back with a heartfelt track, “Kissing Her, Missing You.” A deceptively feel good track due to its poppy production, Ben vulnerably explores a tough time in his life. “Kissing Her, Missing You’ is about a phase in my life where I’d just moved to another country to pursue music and had to break up with my first girlfriend, as we couldn’t handle the long-distance,” said Ben on the track. “I started dating around and using dating apps but all of the attempts left me feeling empty, as I just wanted one specific person, no matter how beautiful, smart or funny anyone else was. It’s about attempting to get under someone to get over someone else and completely failing.” A sneaky electric guitar on the hook takes the track to a new level, traversing into an exciting soundscape after the mellower verses. Although it’s still very early into his career, Ben has accomplished a lot, and I’m looking forward to where he takes his sound next. 

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