Gavin Turek Puts On Her “Disco Boots” On New Single

Kieran Kohorst

The disco-pop revolution of recent has proven to be a trend with some staying power, thanks to the faithful attempts by artists to revitalize the 70’s nostalgia of the genre. Arriving fashionably to the party, LA’s Gavin Turek turns heads on new single “Disco Boots.” As groovy as she is commanding, Turek’s disco sound feels fitting, an escalation of the soulful, funky releases she has shared before. “There’s no mistaking / My heart is breaking,” she sings, without a hint of despair in her voice. “Disco Boots” is ready-made for house parties throughout the summer season; it was in this scene that the track’s title was conceived, after all. “Strangely, the title of the song came first!” Turek details. “I was already planning to host a disco/house themed party and was in the midst of figuring out a name for it. Disco Boots as a party sounded nostalgic and fun! So when I heard the track from the one and only Art of Tones, I immediately thought it had to be Disco Boots.” Meant as a song to queue up “when you need to put on a lip, throw on your boots and go dancing to shake off a relationship,” “Disco Boots” accomplishes all it was meant for and more. 

Her first release of 2024, the rest of the year is set to be much louder for Turek. Along with the new single, she has announced a string of tour dates and DJ sets in New York, Los Angeles, and Europe, beginning in May. Tour dates and information can be found here. Later this fall, Turek is scheduled to share her sophomore studio album, Diva of the Fall, set to be released independently. Her recent disco direction is promised to continue on the upcoming record, paired with an empowerment and joyful catharsis typical of Turek’s music. As a new era descends on her career, be sure you are properly outfitted for Gavin Turek’s next act. You can start with “Disco Boots.” 

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