Tapped In: Harry Hudson

Carter Fife

To celebrate the long-awaited wax pressing of his 2020 record Hey, I'm Here For You, Harry Hudson returns this week with a new visual for “Mad Enough” featuring a guest appearance from Jaden Smith. It’s been a minute since we last heard from the pop/rock artist, but it seems like the young MSFTS Music singer has been keeping himself busy this year by releasing a steady stream of melancholic and introspective visuals - of which “Mad Enough” is the latest.

Decked out in Harry Hudson drip, “Mad Enough”’s visual showcases Harry Hudson and Jaden Smith sharing a tender and emotional moment at a decadent home in the Hollywood Hills. It’s everything you might expect from one of Jaden’s peers - the proverbial sunset vibes are cranked up to eleven, Jaden is depicted yelling at his phone one moment, tearing up the next, and Harry Hudson is seemingly caught off-guard with a glass of white wine in his hand. It’s somehow an image of both perfection and everything gone wrong at the same time, which is appropriate given the bittersweet and heartfelt writing that decorated “Mad Enough” and the many tracks like it. I’m crossing my fingers that this isn’t the last visual that we get from Harry (or Jaden) this year, but the two have done a great job keeping fans fed so far - so I have no problem with waiting a little longer for new music.

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