Henry Morris Pulls You Down with Him On "Dirty Magazine"

Riley Furey

If Lana Del Rey and Cigarettes After Sex had a baby, that baby would be Henry Morris. "Dirty Magazine" is his sophomore single since departing from his former moniker of Playyard, and it is exactly what I needed it to be.

The visuals are set alight by grainy filters, ambiguous voice overs, and personalized cigarette boxes, and when paired with the single itself; you are washed with a wave of nostalgia and momentary calm. "Dirty Magazine" reflects on pulling your lover down into the abyss with you, and is the epitome of letting your most selfish thoughts run free with no fear of judgment. Morris had someone tell him once that, “If you’re afraid to say it in a conversation, put it in a song,” and he really took that to heart through exploring the darker side of his psyche.

Henry’s music as Playyard was playful, but his transition into using his own name has shown a true maturation of his sound. There’s something beautiful about experiencing an artist's evolution as it's happening, and I can’t wait to see where he takes this new project next.

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