Honeyboys Makes Heartfelt Declaration of Love in “One Another”

Rachael Jansky

The euphoric feeling of falling in love is difficult to capture. The way the sun seems to shine a little brighter and colors looks a bit more vibrant and mundane occurrences suddenly feel extraordinary. Meeting someone and slowly becoming enveloped into their life is a unique and beautiful experience perfectly encapsulated in Honeyboys’ latest single “One Another.”

Opening with angelic harmonies and the sounds of birds chirping in the distance, “One Another” hears Honeyboys make an honest and realistic declaration of love. Cutting out any fluff, the song’s lyrics are refreshingly simple, mirroring the ease and effortlessness of a healthy relationship. The track highlights the musical talent of Honeyboys with a soulful saxophone solo.

Living between indie, bedroom pop, and jazz, “One Another” is a standout track from Honeyboys. It conjures feelings reminiscent of pure, innocent love. Its warmth and serenity mimic the feeling of being completely at ease with another person, able to open up without any fear of judgement. “One Another” displays Honeyboys’ impressive musical talent and alludes to their promising career ahead.

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