twentylove’s 2021 Debut is a Catchy Showing in “chase you”

Ian Tsang

Los Angeles based singer, Dan Burke, gained worldwide acclaim on NBC’s Songland last year. But channeling his success off the show, Burke took on the moniker “twentylove” to release his most recent single “chase you.”

Navigating a “cat-and-mouse” game of romantic challenges, his 2021 debut takes listeners on a ride through the struggles of toying with someone’s heart. Only one word describes his vocal tone and songwriting skills: catchy. With guitar and baseline repetition, Burke keeps his listeners on edge – the track uses its upbeat tempo to build the chorus into a slow-rock/alt-pop marvel.

“You know that I survived the bitter half of you,

Before tonight, I’m right, back to chasing you,

So here we are.”

Still new to the spotlight, Burke looks to propel his band to the top of the charts. twentylove released four singles in the past year. We can only hope for more, as “chase you” previews the songwriting potential Burke has kept hidden all these years.

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